Shipping to the USA - January 24th, 2019


 How to ship duty, tax, brokerage free!

 UPS has provided us with a $1,000 Canadian limit per customer order. This means we may ship orders to your US customers without THEM paying any duty, broker fees or taxes. If the order is above $1,000, you must start a second order or the customer WILL INCUR THE ADDITIONAL CHARGES. When taking orders from your USA customers, keep their orders to a maximum of $1,000 Canadian.  Orders outside the norm, will be accessed individually and Miche reserved the right to refuse and refund payments or request additional shipping charges when deemed absolutely necessary. 

All orders are in Canadian dollars and will be converted to USD funds on YOUR CUSTOMER’S Credit Card statements.

Some guidelines to follow:

  • USA customers may host and earn rewards and have access to Specials
  • Quantity limit of 1 placed on all available bags, shells and accessories.   To circumvent limits, your customer may order additional stock and pay additional  $25 flat rate shipping.  Limit of One Base Bag, per size, per order, per customer shipping charge. 
  • No wholesale ordering
  • We are not accepting USA reps into our program.
  • Customer Order and Incentive orders must be put in as $25 drop ship orders
  • Orders may be placed within a Party on your HPR site.
  • Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii are not eligible for Flat Shipping...please phone for Shipping quote before finalizing order


Rep Locator status update: To facilitate sales into the USA (for customers who are not currently associated with a Canadian Rep) the Rep Locator will connect our USA Miche customers who live along the Canadian border to the closest Canadian Rep. For those living further south, we will be highlighting 4 rep addresses representing the time zones across the USA. The selection of featured Miche Reps will be based on the previous months Canadian Sales in the commission period.


It is an exciting time to be a Miche Rep! Keep those orders coming in!