Linda Says - February 23, 2017



Spring is in the air and Miche’s new Maria Shells celebrate the season to come.  It is bonus, on bonus, on bonus time here at Miche! The Maria Collection is part of our new initiative of “Added Fashion” (No extra charge!)  Moving forward these items (oh yes, we do plan to add more) will be listed separately on the Miche leaflets.  This section will include any Shell that includes a bonus item i.e. Shells that have Brass or Gold, which include the matching Carabineers, Shells that include an accessory item and Shells like the Maria that include the matching gold carabineers and the Strap too. The new leaflets will be a great visual aid for you and your customers (The new Leaflet will be here soon).


The Purple interchangeable strap may be attached directly to the base and used as a short handle or attached to the Gold Interchangeable Chains for added length. You will find many past Miche customers who will be coveting the Purple Straps as they match with previously released Miche Shells and are a welcome addition to a woman’s collection.


StrapsBIG NEWS…ADJUSTABLE STRAP - Glory be! We have wanted this for years and finally it is here to offer.  Now you have a multi-purpose strap that can adjust from being a shoulder strap for a tiny woman all the way to a cross body strap for a full sized woman.  Inform all your customers, after you have purchased one that you will be showing at your next Party. (If you just post the image and take orders you are doing yourself a disservice, as you will not create the excitement of various sized women trying the strap and loving it in person).


Strap options- So many new looks and options! Try the Classic handles with the Demi and Prima bases (it’s my go to look right now) and soon we will be re-releasing the Petite Straps as a set for use on the Classic, Demi and Prima. They are light weight, delicate looking and surprisingly strong.


Closet Releases - If this is your first season with Miche, you will find it is an exciting time of year when we put away our winter merchandise and pull out spring goods all while continuing to add new merchandise to our MOF each month.


TripAnd to this month’s trip earner Miche Rep Barbara McKinnon and to all of our previous earners (and those to come-you still have time) Congratulations!  You will have the confirmation email today.  I am so looking forward to going on a dream vacation with such a lovely, fun bunch of ladies. Cheers!


The trip will be excellent and so will your Miche spring business.  Both are looking mighty fine, right about now. So glad you are with us. Live, learn and grow! It is going to be an amazing Miche journey.



All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada