Miche Vacation in the Sun Trip! - January 26, 2017

Miche Trip

Where are you currently on our Miche Vacation in the Sun Map? Book parties, share the Miche love and let others know how to be a Miche Rep and you will be flying away with us! Have questions about the Trip? Click here for more facts!



Our Miche Vacation will be any 7 days between May 15  and May 26 (exact dates will be updated at the end of the qualifying period). Package includes flight and one week stay at a  4* all inclusive beach side resort. Don't miss out!  

*2 Miche Reps per room


As of your December 31st, 2016 sales, the following reps are well on their way to earning our "Vacation in the Sun" Trip. 

Check out the prizes that we have for you! 

Envision your success as a Miche Rep

2,500 Points -  Miche Picture Frames and Coasters  - take pictures of your successful parties and use the frames and coasters to empower previous hostesses(to have more parties), put pictures on Facebook, and use the pictures in your Miche work area to help motivate yourself to having more outstanding parties.

October 31st - Stephanie Aiton, Janice Pearson, Barbara McKinnon, Jillian Noye, Paula McPherson, Judy Desroches & Kimberley Latvala

November 30th - Amanda Boiston, Christy Rae, Donna Veltman, Denise Young, Elaine Sapach, Michelle Schmidt, Peggy Stainton, Candace Daisy, Cindy Thibert, Christine Savoie, Angela McCann, Zoey Crockett, Myriam Marier, Denise Lesperance & Erna Woynarski

December 31st - Elaine Miko, Erika-Lynn & Nancy Noel, Valerie Mathews, Vicky Langton, Tammy Harm, Sandra Murty, Tiffany Furlotte, Christine Wales, Earlene Gould, Marianne Boulerice-O'Toole, Jan McGill, Jenny Pullen, Karen Masters, Kathy Hicks, Shirley Teresi & Jo Cherewyck

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Great to help start your party

5,000 Points – Miche Stir Sticks –  Use the stir sticks as game prizes, or a teaser. Break the package up of the 6 Stir Sticks and share them with the first 6 orders you get as a thank you for your order.

October 31st - Paula McPherson, Judy Desroches & Kimberley Latvala

November 30th - Erna Woynarski, Janice Pearson, Jillian Noye & Barbara McKinnon

December 31st - Myriam Marier, Angela McCann & Denise Leserance

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Now you are talking business

7,500 Points – Miche Business Tools (Binder, Grey Lap top Case, Party Boards, Mouse pads & Miche Party Post cards) -  Now you are talking business.  Use these tools to help take your orders, Invites for future parties and to help you organize your business)

October 31st - Paula McPherson, Judy Desroches & Kimberley Latvala

November 30th - Barbara McKinnon & Jillian Noye

December 31st - Janice Pearson

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10,000 Points – Miche Profession pack (Business Card Holder, Magnets & Place Card Holders) – Use these tools to further your business.  Use the magnets and affix a picture of a Hot sunny beach – to the fridge, at your Miche work area, anywhere that can help you to envision your goal.

November 30th - Kimberley Latvala, Paula McPherson, Judy Desroches & Barbara McKinnon

December 31st - Jillian Noye

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Travelling in Style 

12,500 Points – Miche Ruby Necklace and earring set, and a Jewellery case –

November 30th - Kimberley Latvala, Paula McPherson, Judy Desroches & Barbara McKinnon

December 31st - Jillian Noye

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To show off on the Trip

15,000 Points – Miche Luxe Shell –

November 30th - Kimberley Latvala & Judy Desroches

December 31st - Paula McPherson & Barbara McKinnon

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Almost there - Bags are packed

17,500 points – Miche Briefcase, Duffle bag or Knapsack –

November 30th - Kimberley Latvala

December 31st - Judy Desroches & Paula McPherson

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20,000 points – Miche Sun Trip

November 30th - Kimberley Latvala 

Kimberley Latvala

We are so proud of Kimberley! She is the first Miche Rep to officially earn our Vacation in the Sun Reward Trip! You have 6 full months to gather enough points to join her and myself in all-inclusive vacation. Kimberley easily earned it in just two short months. Way to go Kimberley!

December 31st - Judy Desroches

Judy DesRoches

Way to go Judy! We are so proud of Judy! Judy has been a force to be reckoned with since becoming a Miche Rep in May 2016. Judy has continued her success each month and has easily earned the trip in just three short months.

& Paula McPherson

Paula McPherson

Paula had her heart set on winning the Miche Trip and she did it! We are so proud of Paula! Paula has been growing her team and Miche Business since becoming a Rep in October 2013 and has recently become a Miche Manager! Paula continues her success each month and has easily earned the trip in just three short months. Way to go Paula!

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Will you be joining us? We would love to have you there! Share your love of Miche and we will meet you in the SUN :)