Miche Prestige - December - January 26, 2017

Miche Prestige


Top Earner

Top Earners had $4,000 in Home Party Sales and earned $800 or more in the last commission period and $500+ in free Miche products. WOW - Top Earners will also receive an additional Shell of their choosing!  We salute:

Judy DesRoches

Judy Desroches - PEI


Team Builders


Our Miche Team builders know that developing new Representatives can be the key to earning life changing income...

These Independent Miche Representatives received monetary bonuses because the women they introduced to Miche Canada had their first Party! Thanks for sharing your love for Miche and building your team. Way to go ladies, your future looks bright! Team Builders receive $100 when their new Rep has their first qualifying party. Guide your new Miche Rep and build your futures by helping her achieve the "Quick Start Program"!


Paula McPhersonPaula McPherson referred 2 new reps: Kimberley LatvalaKimberley referred  Judy DesRochesJudy Desroches referred Shirley TeresiShirley Teresi referred a Carolle ArsenaultCarole Arsenault referred
Christina Bartlett & Leslie Cuthbert June Taylor Tiffany Furlotte Kathy Shaw Tammy Harm


Quick Start

Congratulations to these lovely ladies that have completed their Quick Start Program.

You have earned the Quick Start package! If you haven't received yours, you will receive it with your next party! You will love all the goodies but even more important is the knowledge/information you learned completing the steps. That will pay back all year long! Congratulations again ladies!

June TaylorJune Taylor - AB

Zoey Crockart

Zoey Crockart - AB

Tammy HarmTammy Harm - NB Christina BartlettChristina Bartlett -ON




Our Party Animals earned big this month, check it out!

The place to take pride in being a PARTY ANIMAL - We are pleased to share this month's Top Miche Party Animals and those who have just had their very first party! 

December 22nd, 2016 - January 25, 2017

Star Judy DesRochesJudy Desroches - PEI    
Star Barbara McKinnonBarbara McKinnon - SK    
Star Kimberley LatvalaKimberley Latvala - AB June TaylorJune Taylor - AB  
Star Tammy HarmTammy Harm - NB ConnieConnie Hamilton - AB Jillian NoyeJillian Noye - PEI
  Jo CherewyckJo Cherewyck - SK Lorna ArsenaultLorna Arsenault - PEI Myrium MarierMyrium Marier -QC
  Paula McPhersonPaula McPherson - ON    

1000 Parties


When you have a large Miche Party, we want to hear your story! Amazing work ladies. Learn how they did it here!

Shoot for the stars...when you have a really big Miche Party ($2,000+), we will sweeten your success by offering you and your Hostess an exclusive Miche Shell.

December 22nd, 2016 - January 25, 2017

Judy Desroches - PEI -  3 x $1,000.00  Judy is building a network and developing relationships and friendships with Miche lovers which keep them coming back for more.