Tired Old Bag (TOB)


Upgrade a Miche and help someone too. Donate TOB bases and shells to nursing home dementia groups. Residents love handbag memories. Changing Shells is tactile and therapeutic

Replace your worn Miche Bag for ANY sized base bag! Is is time for a clean up? Often what we love the most gets used and abused the most. Show yourself and your handbag a little TLC by switching it up for a new base bag with handles

ANYTIME, with this special Discount BONUS Offer. The program is only available with Miche Reps, customers will receive a Base ($60 value) & And any Select Shell  (Classic choose any shell up to $25 value, Prima/Demi up to $40 value, Petite up to $20)  recieve the Shell and the base with handles for $60!

ANYTIME.  ANY SIZE, almost ANY SHELL  It's a great way to connect with past customers and introduce yourself to fellow Miche lovers. Connect today be ready.

Refresh your Base Bag! 

tired old bag offers

Miche is your fashion-forward friend forever. We will always be updating the Miche look, Shells and accessories. This is what makes your Miche Bag an investment piece in your wardrobe. If you would like to update your bag please do the following, depending on your base bag:

*NOTE TO REPS:  Offer open to past Miche customers only. Program is monitored for compliance. TOB bag and shell will each need to be going to an individual customer on individual order with full shipping -no bulk orders or system workarounds.  Each size of Base bag plus our shell of choice is set up as a separate sku(bag and shell together) in the system under "PROMO" You simply order the size you wish to get.  The Shells pictured above will automatically be sent (final sale) unless we receive notice from you and you receive a confirmation from head office of an alternative shell choice.  Please email rachel@unidemsales.com,  with Shell choice when closing your order.

The Petite Sku for the TOB + Geneva is MB5500.  The Classic Sku for the TOB + Red Hope is MB4500. The Sku for the Demi TOB + Bianca is MB3500.  The Sku for the Prima TOB +Harmony is MB7500.  One TOB of each size per customer per invoice/shipping charge.


No proof of purchase is necessary.

How to judge if your base needs updating:

1. Oval Rings

2. Visible Tabs on the Classic Base

3. Brown interior

4. One Snap on the side

5. loss of shape

6. Doesn't hold Shells securely

7. fraying handles

8. square metal zipper pull

9. Original short handles


1. Excess material, darts in fabric, which adds weight...new bases are much lighter streamlined

2. Doesn't hold new Shells secure (tabs were realigned about 6-7 years ago)

3. Fraying worn handles

New Bases in all sizes continue to be upgraded and will hold all past Shells.  Enjoy your collection, get a new base today.