Linda Says


The weather is changing, fall is in the air.  Happy Thanksgiving to you.  This year may be different but this strange year continues to remind us that we still have a lot to be grateful for. (just ended that sentence with a preposition – forgive me)

Years ago I shared with our Miche Reps my personal mantra, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down."  Women of a certain age will remember the child's toy commercial that used this saying to promote a little fat bottomed toy that you could push and pull and it would always pop right back up.  That's me, always has been, always will be.  Life is full of highs and lows but the ability to regroup and set yourself upright, that is your strongest ability.

Unidem Sales Inc. fell down due to Covid but Miche will stand tall and strong because of it.

I hope you enjoy this month's Miche releases.  So excited to be offering the Shells and a large, masculine briefcase (though I would carry it too). As a Miche Insider Special the matching Duffel Bag and Dopp Kit will be offered and of course they are both a match to this month free "work happy" laptop case.

The addition of Ruby Cosmetics to our line up is super exciting. I can not stress enough that the Unidem line of products are a million dollar addition to our Miche offering and will ignite your sales.  First step is to try them, fall in love with the result, once you know your product well ...selling is easy.  Ruby is an easy sale on facetime as it is so easy to show and share.  Moving forward we will have Miche Reps joining our program as Ruby Cosmetic Reps first and Miche second which is why we now offer the Ruby Cosmetic's Business Kit for new reps but also for you.

Miche's House

Is a new concept for Miche and will continue develop on your Miche web sites. 

Miche Handbags is our foundation and we will continue to release Shells and accessories, have specials and Hostess Rewards.  Everything you love about Miche will continue.

Miche Cleaning: Smart Living Steam Mop and Steam Mop Jr. (currently in your Promo section) is the first of our offerings.  Best Steam mop ever and now in time for Christmas you have our double Jr offer!  Moving forward other exceptional cleaning products will be added to the collection.

Miche Makeup: Ruby Cosmetics, Now Available!  This is big news! Ruby's feature product is "picture perfect brows". As we age our brows get thinner and lose there shape. In 30 seconds you can define your brow line with our smudge proof, waterproof natural looking, colour matched brow powder and regain your natural brow shape with an easy to follow stencil.  For me I wear Ruby brows every day (with or with out other makeup)   It makes me/you look younger, healthy and defines your features.  For us girls it's not so much about going to the "club" but looking like we could if we wanted too. Want to learn more? Check Ruby out on your website under Ruby Cosmetics and on Facebook and online at

Miche's Kitchen:  This will be the 3rd stage of the program and will be announced at a later date. *hint* it involves wine and cooking.

Why are Miche Reps being offered these exclusive products and great savings?

As I said earlier times are a changing. Unidem Sales Inc Est. 1984 is the parent company of Miche (my husband Stephen and my original company) sales in the millions each year via Consumer Home Shows, Trade Shows and Fairs has come to complete stand still.  All the venues our company displayed, marketed at and promoted our exclusive line of one of a kind products through have been shut down for the foreseeable future.  In the past we kept our two companies Unidem Sales Inc and Miche Canada as separate but equally successful entities. Now we will merge the two.  This is an incredible opportunity for you to expand your Miche sales and target your products to the right customers.  Now you will have products to offer for men, past Miche clients, and people of varied interests.  You may have  clients who have purchased a Miche bag go on to purchase cleaning, cooking, makeup products from you...if you offer them the opportunity.

We are planning big with lots of opportunity to win, earn, and sample the new products.  Stay in touch and thank you for being a Miche woman.

Sending you positive thoughts and virtual hugs,


and the Miche team 1.866.228.6173