Steam Mop Jr. Bundle

steam mop

Give the family a Gift that gives back  Smart Living Steam Jr. The handheld steamer that disinfects, sanitizes and removes tough dirt, grease, and residue using only pure clean water is now on SALE in a TWO pack.

The Smart Living Steam Jr. uses only continuous high-temperature steam (135°C) to clean and sanitize high touch services, door knobs, faucets,desks, countertops.  Attachments fo cleaning windows, sliding door tracks,children's toys, the car, pet areas.  Do more: defrost the freezer with ease, remove wallpaper and even steam iron your clothing.

Never run out of cleaning products again-clean power of steam or team up with soap or your favourite cleaner.

Safe for you and the environment!

Smart Living is also about sustainability - remove visible, and invisible, dirt and grease from many surfaces quickly and easily without the need for toxic chemicals or detergents that damage our planet.

Simply fill with water, turn it on, and allow the power of steam to clean virtually any surface.

On Amazon two Jr.'s  $160.00 through Miche recieve two for  $69.95! Order for Chistmas.

Accessory Pack includes:

Flexible extension hose, Bent spray nozzle, Round brush nozzle, Long spray nozzle, Door/window nozzle and more

This offer is on your Miche Home Party Rep web site under "PROMO"  and is available for you and your clients to purchase as part of Miche's House line of products.

Note from Linda CEO Miche Canada/Unidem Sales Inc

"As you may know Miche ( my passion project)  is owned and operated by Unidem Sales Inc.  Unidem Sales Inc is the multi-million dollar company my husband Stephen and I formed in 1984.  Unidem Sales Inc has many different branches including Health, Beauty and Household products. Now due to Covid our company which promoted, marketed and sold nation wide via large consumer events can no longer operate. One door closes, another opens.  It is at this time we are offering our exclusive products directly to you,  through Miche's Home Party Reps at substainal savings and with added value.  We hope you enjoy them as much as our family does"

Stay safe, happy and healthy,

Linda CEO Miche