Linda Says - July 8, 2020


Dear Miche friend,

Hi,So sorry to have to share bad news with you this week but I wrote  last month that my dad was in the hospital.  Now for the rest of the story.  Unfortunately, my father passed away June 9th.  He was my friend and mentor and I shall miss him terribly.  He had the good fortune of going out exactly as he would have wanted to a blaze of glory with a good story attached.  You see, in his 81st year he was out ATV 'ing on a trail fit only for young men, lost control of his bike, fell into the shallow river bed, broke his neck, ribs, back in two places and got up drove home.  Called me to say he was fine but agreed to go to the hospital to appease me where eventually he succumbed to his injuries. Sad but he died doing what he loved.

Why do I share such sad news in such a happy forum like Miche because life, death, sickness, marriage, birth, all the good, bad and sad parts of life are with us all. Life doesn't always go as planed but if we are lucky, it does go on.  I am deeply, darkly sad but yet like you I continue to wake up and put one foot in front of the other.  I have lived long enough to know that sometimes you need to "fake" life until your spark returns.  Interacting with Miche women has reinforced the notion that the happiest and most positive of people are the ones who choose to be so.  When you carry a "light" not only does it shine for you but it radiates to those around you.  I try to be a light bearer and I feel you do too.

If we are the light, Miche may be the candle we carry.  It is impossible to see someone with this month's Argyle Shell and not know instinctively they are kind and loving.  Someone you would like to get to know better.  This month's Special is priced so that everyone can afford a new Miche Shell and the Hostess Rewards are worth working towards.

July and August this year, make them special for those you love and for those you simply pass on the street.

The next Pulse will not be until September (August we will be on Covid time- like island time...things will get done but no pressure)  Keep in touch with us on the Miche Rep group as rather then a monthly release for August it will be Insider Special offers, each a little different then the next.  It will be exciting, so do join us.

Have a great summer.  Keep on keeping on.

Sending you positive thoughts and virtual hugs,


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