Linda Says - June 3rd, 2020


Dear Miche friend, Life is such a mixture of emotions, today I have a strong case of the "feels" so much going on personally (my dad is in life saving/ending- who knows yet surgery-heartbreaking) the world is in turmoil and Covid has become our new normal.  But we do not even know what normal is any more. At moments I am so sad that all I can do is cry.  I don't think I am alone as we are all going through this in one way or another and we all have our personal burdens to bear.

And yet here I am talking about the most frivolous of items- a hand bags and pretty covers.  How do I reconcile my two worlds? As an intense person (reader, history buff, political, part time intervert) Miche is my release..perhaps even safety valve. My work gives structure to my day, obtainable goals and deadlines.  Miche is my gateway to a light conversations, new people, personal relationships...warm loving women, who radiate positive energy and confidently express their personality...sometimes just by changing their Shell.

And for that I thank you for being part of the positive in my life.  Let's continue to share that energy with others and sometimes it will result in a sale and some-days it will just be a pleasant diversion in a conversation or on a facebook post (away from the harsh FB images) It is my sincere wish that Miche be a light in your world too.

Diversion coming now- This month's Demin Collection is perfect for times,relaxed, casual, timeless and enduring.


Stay safe, happy and healthy,


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