Linda Says - May 1st, 2020



Hello Miche friend,

The choice of spirit animals in May's Shells and Special have symbolic meanings that signify ideas and qualities that are different and deeper form of their literal sense. One may look at the dragonfly scarf set or Dove handbag and just see it as a great colour match for their outfit or they may view them, like me, as  a good-luck talisman.  However you see them I hope you and your customers enjoy our Miche offerings of peace and hope.

As the outer world has changed so has my inner world.  As you may know Miche ( my passion project)  is owned and operated by Unidem Sales Inc.  Unidem Sales Inc is the company my husband Stephen and I formed in 1984.  It has many different branches including Health and Beauty and Household products.  Unidem markets and sells  via Consumer and trade shows across Canada.  Now when the world needs our products the most the shows are all covid closed.  People who own our products are looking for us and phoning to order direct for their family members so that they can request the same promo price for the items that they were offered at the shows.  We have been busy, but I knew I needed to offer my Miche people the same opportunity as those folk who go to the show.  During this Covid crisis, I feel there has never been another product that is as useful and that will give you more peace of mind then our line of Smart Living Steamers.

Smart Living Steam Mop - just add water and clean and sanitize all your floors with pure dry steam.  Hardwood, vinyl, laminate,tile and carpet (never run out of cleaning product again by utilizing steam).  The Smart Living Steam mop uses no chemical or detergents.  Good for you and our planet. Available on Amazon $249.95

Steam Mop Jr -The healthy green way to disinfect, sanitize and remove tough dirt, grease, and residue using the power of steam (pure clean water) .

                             *Steam cleaning kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs, dust mites + more.

The Smart Living Steam Jr. uses only continuous high-temperature steam (135°C) to clean and sanitize doorknobs,faucets,  countertops, windows, children's toys, and clothing. Safe for you and the environment!

Simply fill with water, turn it on, and allow the power of steam to clean virtually any surface. Available on Amazon $79.95

Both units are top of the line. Our company Unidem Sales Inc has been representing Smart Living products since there inception. I have given you the "Coles notes" but will share more as we move forward. We work directly with the manufacture and as the Canadian distributor are thrilled to offer from our family to yours.

Smart Living Steam Mop online $249.95 for you $200.00 and

3 additional replacement washable cleaning pads normally $28.95 will be included in free  and

Smart Living Jr online $79.95 now for you $60.00

Best part :) from me to you, order a Smart Living Steam Mop  and I will include in the extra pads and the Smart Living Jr FREE.

A $358.85 value for $226.00

This limited time offer has been uploaded to your personal Miche Web site under "Promo" tab and is available for you and your clients. Miche incentives do not apply to sales but you will receive your full 20% commission on all sales.  Buy it because it's a great product; offer it to others as your friends and family need it now.

I will show you more on the Miche Rep group but for now,

Stay safe, happy and healthy,

Linda 1.866.228.6173