Updates & Reminders - April 2020


For inquires contact Linda@unidemsales.com 1.866.228.6173. Miche open for business and expanding product lines,  more info to come. Order Miche for the special females in your life for Mother's day. Closed May 18th for the long weekend

Treasure Shell - There's never been a better time to get a Treasure Shell - Petite and Classic Treasure Shells are now $20 while Demi and Prima are $25. Treasure Shells are not available to the general public.  They are Shells that have sold out and will never be available again..except for the one special one we send to you. Feeling lucky - and want an exclusive Shell and a  great deal ..order a Treasure Shell.  All sales final/no exchanges...it's worth the risk.

Miche Achievement Pins and broach - oops in the Covid chaos pins and charms did not go out with orders.  Let Linda@unidemsales.com know when you place your next order if you were missed.  We think we have our first winner who has collected the full set- check if you have as we have a prize for you :)

2020 ❤️ we have a gift 🎁 waiting for you. This year we are adding a Miche Charm Collectors magnetic brooch to your first Order. Each month moving forward we will be adding one ☝️ of the crystal bag Charms to to your order, every time you have a Party(Deliverable to your home address) collect one and you have a lovely charm for your Miche broach, a necklace or bracelet (they clip on), collect them all and you will win a Miche prize selected just for you.

You have one year to collect all 6...you can do it. Do it fast or spread it out ...That’s just one party every 2 months

Let us know when you have the full set 💕

(Charms collected for past performance may not be used towards this promo)

Miche Sales Kit - link here- use it to win:

Reps are the backbone of all Home Party programs and we count on you to spread the word the Miche is a fun, social program with great incentives.  Did you know you receive $100 when your new Rep has their first Party* When times are challenging women look for extra income, a pleasant diversion and want to purchase from someone they know and trust..offer them the opportunity to shop, host or sign up with Miche



Customer Service

Customer Service/Quality Assurance-  all Miche products have a no questions asked 90 day warranty against defects (eg: zippers, seams, materials) but did you know we offer more? 

As a Miche Rep you are the ombudsman for your Miche customers and after the 90 day period and up until a year after purchase, if there is an issue with any Miche item you may contact us directly and we will address your concern on an individual basis. Always keep your receipts on hand for proof of purchase/sale. Contact accountmanager@michebag.ca for more info.

Please review attached link which is part of the Miche Rep Agreement and can be found in the Pulse Resources. If you have a question or a concern or would like to report an issue contact info@michebag.ca