Linda Says - April 2020







Covid is here, it's real and it's going to around for a while.  If you are like me, you have cried, laughed at silly facebook posts , ate to much,read too much, watched to much, drank too much, worked hard, slept too much, drank a little and repeated the cycle.  It's been a lot to process but really, you are okay and I am okay too.  We have homes, family, food and the eternal hope that comes with each spring.   Life will go on.

Covid is going to be part of our lives for some time but it need not consume all of our emotionally energies. Never in our life, has there been a time where it has been more important to stay connected.  I hope Miche will be a pleasant diversion for you and you friends.  Something fun and fashionable and a touch point to start real heart felt conversations with people you know or would like to know better.  Miche's new specials and shells are an easy excuse to use to check in with others.

We will be here to support Miche.  We are officially and on-line company and may continue business, our offices, picking room and warehouse are now only accessible to my immediate family who shall along with myself be answering phones, emails and picking and shipping your orders.  After a few hick-ups we have stream lined the systems and are back running smoothly. 

I had my first Zoom meeting last week.  Look it up and download the app as what a wonderful way to connect with friends and family.  We could do that together ...I just have to work on my wifi provider first as it was dropping my call but we will get it together soon.  It would be a really nice way to show you Shells and all talk together and get to know each other.

One way or another we will all adapt and carry on...or should I say carry Miche ;)

May you and your families journey gently through these times.  Looking forward. 

This too shall pass.


and the Miche Team