Linda Says - January 29th, 2020

Moving forward join me in shouting loud and proud...We are/I am  Miche , we offer the original and only handbag with magnetic interchangeable Shells.   In the past you may of experienced negativity/trash talk  at events from the mis-informed.  That time has past, it's our turn to's time to inform them...We are Miche and the future is ours!

Every month we will be adding timeless Miche Shells to our inventory, all factory direct, manufactured with the quality controls you expect from Miche and each season we will ramp up the excitement with European/Canadian Miche original designs.  Our monthly Specials moving forward will last two months to give you time to get the word out and close the deal.  Hostess Rewards are for three month periods and always worth aiming for...$300 is achievable.

We are going to help you build the Miche business you desire, by listening to you and developing with you,to get us started,  today's tweaks are:

1. Tired Old Bag discount/exchange- moving forward past Miche customers will no longer be required to return their old base to you and you will no longer be required to mail in the pieces to      Miche. (that will save you a lot of time, explaining and money....Wooohoot!) 

2. Tired Old Bag discount/exchange is program is now open to all past Miche customers...YES ALL!

3. All Rolled Handles will be sold with the large 1.5 " Silver carabiners attached (which not only is an extra $10 value, it is a much more positive experience for customers than fiddling awkwardly)

4. Classic Base bags are now packed with the handles on the out side of the base (it looks neater, they are correctly shaped and ready to go-)

5.  All brown toned Shells in the Classic size will now include a brown pockette (pockettes slip over the base and turn the sides of your base brown and add extra side pockets for storage for your phone, glasses or plus (images, descriptions will be updated in the future but placements will begin today.

6. We will continue our commitment to the environment by sending out all orders in recycled boxes (be proud of that) and Hostess gifts will now come in a Miche branded cardboard bag for presentation purposes and orders will be packed with decorative tissue paper.

I can't say it enough you are Miche, we now have a lot of former Miche Reps re joining our program and inactive Miche reps starting fresh again...once a Miche Rep always a Miche Rep. Shine on. 

We are all connected in little ways,

sending love,

Your Miche Friend,




Linda Westwell, 

CEO, Miche Canada