Selling Tip - October 25th, 2019

Selling tips with hand full of cash

Are you selling a Shell or the idea of a Party?

Our New Shells are amazing but if you are simply selling them you may be selling yourself short.

It is Home Parties that really create excitement and move product.  Remember all Shells are "new" if you don't have them yet. A woman's preference for Shells may change (I know, I certainly change my mind all the time about which Shell I like best), she may have purchased clothing, shoes, boots, scarf or a piece of jewelry that will make her look at an "old"  Shell (one that has been available for a period of time) in a new way, we may have a new handle option, free matching caribeeners or a new image that will entice her or as the season changes so do preferences. There are many different reasons why a Shell she passed on last time may become her new favourite.

If you promote just one new Shell you may lose an opportunity to sell many more. Switch up your phone calls, emails and social media a little. Promote the Party first and foremost. 

“Sarah, here is our new Shell, if you want it place your order now" switch it to "Suzy, I would love to show you what's new and share our Special, you are a great customer and I think as a Hostess I can help you earn the perfect Shell this season. If you would like a Party on the ___- I can show you and your friends everything Miche has in stock."

With this approach you print out the Master order form before the Party or have it available on your phone and know exactly what you can offer at the event. Let the Shells speak for themselves and you will find it's not just the new ones that are the most popular.