Selling Tips - August 29th, 2019

Selling tips with hand full of cash

Good Vibes Only


The mind hears what the mouth says.....What are you, telling you? What we say is very important, not just to others but to ourselves. Keep your own message focused and positive.

Look at what you can do and what you have already achieved. By becoming a Miche Rep, you said to yourself, "I am going to become more social, I am going to go out more, I am willing to learn a new skill, i.e. selling, I am going to develop my computer and business skills by learning how the Home Party Rep system works and I am going to make my own money."

Wow! Being a Home Party Rep means you are multi-dimensional. You can be proud of yourself! A lot of people get to a certain point in their life and they just stop. You have chosen to continue to develop and to grow as a person.

You have our support. We will aid you in achieving your goals. Let's make your dreams a reality.

All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada