Updates & Reminders - August 29th, 2019


Holiday Monday Sept 2- office Closed for the day. Continue sharing your love of Miche and selling.  Questions? Ask on Miche Rep group Facebook...your sister Miche Reps are a great source of knowledge.

Change of address, email or phone? - let us know @ rachel@unidemsales.com

CNE Canadian National Exhibition Toronto Aug 16- Sept 2 Large Miche Display and Sale .Last chance- hurry down. Want to be part of the fun?  Come visit, shop or volunteer on the Miche booth..book your Miche Rep time email Linda@unidemsales.com.

Tired Old Bag - it's that time of year.  Follow the link. To avoid customer confusion the TOB's have been moved from the main page of your site to the "Promo" section

Summer Sales Kit - Offer the Miche opportunity to everyone, as it is a win, win experience.  Did you know you receive $100 when your new Rep has their first Party*

Customer Service

Customer Service/Quality Assurance-  all Miche products have a no questions asked 90 day warranty against defects (eg: zippers, seams, materials) but did you know we offer more? 

As a Miche Rep you are the ombudsman for your Miche customers and after the 90 day period and up until a year after purchase, if there is an issue with any Miche item you may contact us directly and we will address your concern on an individual basis. Always keep your receipts on hand for proof of purchase/sale. Contact accountmanager@michebag.ca for more info.

Please review attached link which is part of the Miche Rep Agreement and can be found in the Pulse Resources. If you have a question or a concern or would like to report an issue contact info@michebag.ca