Linda Says - August 29th, 2019



Hello dear Miche friend,

Hope you are having a great week.  I can not believe summer is drawing to a close and we are looking at back to school and back to work.  Very pleased to be able to offer a Special that has a nice tie in to what women are experiencing at home.  If you have one of Miche's Laptop Sleeves you will know it's large has multiply compartments and would be a welcome addition to the workplace or school.  Same thing goes with the Lunch Tote, it's terrific; big, insulated and as cute as can be.

But I know you really want to talk about Shells.  Yes we have some wonderful Miche originals which will be available Tuesday Sept 3 and drum roll please...the New Miche designs...?

We are on pins and needles waiting for their arrival in our warehouse, as soon as we have word of a delivery date we will offer them for pre-sale. We know they are going to be is on Facebook now..take a look.  We have only posted 3 images and yet there is 4 Shells..they are the same but will see why..on Tuesday when we post the Product Announcement and contest on how you can win the original proto-type.

Enjoy your weekend

Your Miche friend