Selling Tip - July 31st, 2019

Selling tips with hand full of cash

"It's perfectly appropriate to pet the Miche." 

It's true! We women are tactile. We like to touch and feel and indeed still like to play. At your Home Party, please let us. It will allow us to feel relaxed and happy and that's good because we want to be surrounded by people and things that make us happy.

Arrange your Miche Home Party displays in eye pleasing groupings by colour and then relax (because you did such a good job) when we want to come up and touch everything. Don't stand on guard by your table, mingle with us, talk with us and smile. I know it goes a little against your nature, mom, to allow us to mess up your perfect display but it's our Party and we want to play.

Let us do what comes natural and you will be rewarded with conversation, questions, laughter, relaxation and engagement. And unlike kids, we will pay you back in sales, lot and lots of sales.

And when we offer to help you clean up (because we know we messed up your neat display), please let us, we are offering because we enjoyed spending time with you and want it to last a little longer. Chances are the lingerers are the ladies who would like to do what you do and they have more questions about being a Miche Rep.

Always remember, "it is perfectly appropriate to touch the Miche"