August Releases - July 31st, 2019


August 2019 Releases -  August, September, October these colours will carry forward through the seasons.    People with the orange personality type can be described as social butterflies extroverted and fun. “Orange” people do not sit and brood; instead, they tend to focus outside of themselves.  Orange people make the world a better place. Orange Classic Blanche includes a free Charmer/keychain and Prima Nancy has free matching short handles.  Demi Willow has a little orange too and whole lot more including a long chain strap.  Earth tones more your style?  Add a little light to them with the sunset browns of Demi Briella or Prima Breanne.    Press the "read more" to see more...

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Classic Blanche Demi Willow Demi Briella Prima Nancy
MB1256 MB3278 MB3137 MB7674
Prima Breanne Pink Wallet    
MB7589 MB9144    

Our August Releases will be made available August 3rd.

Lookbooks will be available once released.