Linda Says - June 27th, 2019


Hello dear Miche friend,

I wasn't going to share my personal life as Miche and all Home Party businesses thrive on being happy, but sometimes reality gets in the way.  On one hand we are busy planning for the future of Miche and running the daily business but on the other hand I have spent a great deal of time out of the office as my mother was in and out of palliative care all spring and sadly passed away May 20th.  Mom will be missed and I am less without her.

I am grateful that I was able to be with my mom at the end of her life, and blessed with a job (Miche) that allows for absences. My mom had been going down hill for years and by the time she passed she was willing to let go of this life.  Yet my mom's last gift to me for which I shall be forever grateful was to plan her own service which was small and private but very personal and comforting.  It provided me with sense of peace.  The next hard reality after a death is dealing with the paperwork which I am continuing to do...what's the saying, "the only thing that sure is death and taxes." Ugh.

There have been other changes too...and as we all know change is hard.  Brenda (your and our fabulous Office Manager and Miche rock) shared a little of her personal story last month in the Pulse.  As you read Brenda currently has limited mobility and has moved her Miche office to her home.  Her knees may be weak but her mind is strong and we will continue to count on her wonderful ability to oversee everything.  It is the modern reality, people just don't work in an office setting like they used to.  Brenda was not the first of our staff to start working from home, nor will she be the we took the ultimate step of splitting our staff offices and warehouse and moving them to two separate locations. (it's the way most Direct Sales business work but it will be new for us). The original building is still ours and we will continue to keep our Miche overflow on the premises.

From your point of view nothing has changed our telephone numbers remain the same as does our customer service address.  We, unlike most companies, are fortunate to have been able to keep the picking/shipping area of our business with the office area. Rachel will continue as your Miche Account Manager and now you will have additional support as Jeanine (who has worked with Miche for years and is an expert) will also be answering phones and assisting with Miche inquires.  (if you have not said hello to Jeannine and introduced yourself...I think you will enjoy getting to know her and taping into her Shell knowledge.)  Taylor who's name you are seeing in the Pulse, started with us last summer with a Miche graphics roll in our office is continuing to develop.  As she learns more about Miche and our Home Party Program we will delighted to tap into her University education and expand her responsibilities.

Life/business is never continues to ebb and flow.  I have always been a long game player with the updates to our business now, along with our mix of original Shell designs and new European/Canadian Shell designs for Fall (although time consuming) will place Miche in a very favorable position. I am aware that there are those among us (or who have moved on) that lean toward the negative as they have their own agenda.  It is not those women I am working is you.  The woman who believes in the concept of Miche like I do, who appreciates the convenience of never having to switch handbags and understands handbags should be fun, fashionable, and affordable. It is your loyalty and support that keeps Miche strong. It is for you we are working toward the future and love that you are representing Miche with us.

Have a great summer, enjoy the hot Pink Alexa and specials and keep in touch...I will see you on the Rep group

Lots of love,