Selling Tip - June 27th, 2019

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Dealing with a Cancellation

Dealing with a Hostess who is cancelling a Party is part of running a Home Party business.  How you deal with it will determine your success.


"Sorry I am going to have to cancel my Party for Saturday." and you reply:

Wrong way:

  • OMG no, I have already booked off that night
  • You know it was going to be a big Party I was counting on it to get the New Releases
  • It’s rude you know to cancel out. I put a lot of work into this

Right way:

“I am so sorry Susan. Is everything ok?” – sometimes we are so busy thinking about our issues, we forget to appreciate our Hostesses as people.

Depending on the answer you receive pick one of the following responses:


The Overwhelmed Hostess

“Susan, we can work through that together, if your heart is in this, I can help make this a fun, stress free, successful Party” – often women cancel because of anxiety, worried that no one will show up, that they have to clean their house from top to bottom, prepare food, they don’t want to be pushy sales people with their friends. You can relieve the woman’s anxiety by being confident, positive and professional. Assure her it is not about the house or about the food it is about the Party which you look after and will make stress free. Offer to help her develop the invitation list, send out reminders and do the follow-up calls. You could even offer your house as the venue for her friends or ask her if she would be more comfortable if one of her friends became the Hostess and she could be an attendee.  Work with her to make it right for her.


The Life Happens Hostess

“I am so sorry Susan, I completely understand. Now is not the time for a Party. I will be thinking of you.” This would be a cancellation because something really awful has happened. Once you hear this stop talking Miche (yes, I can’t believe I said this either) There is a time and place for everything. Now is the time to be her friend. Listen to what she says and check in on her in a couple of days, not to sell Miche or to talk about the Party but to see how she is doing. There will be time enough for Partying in the future.


The Not Now Hostess

“That sounds awful/amazing how horrible /lucky for you.  I completely understand. How about we reschedule, sounds like your life will be back to normal by ….., your girlfriends will still be pumped up for a get together and we could schedule for ___________or __________ day.  Don’t worry about phoning everyone to cancel. You’re busy how about I contact everyone and let them know about the new date?” This situation is the most common. The Hostess tells you she is cancelling but really she just can’t have a Party that night/week because she has other commitments that are more pressing, a concert, a school event, a new kitchen going in, etc. If you don’t over react to her saying she is cancelling she will be more than happy to reschedule. If rescheduling is not an immediate possibility as she is unsure of the timeline, accept that and say, “I will phone you (give a day or week) and check in to see how it going.” Mark it in your calendar. Follow up calls are important. Again depending on the circumstances your conversation may not be about Miche with the next call either. It will be about her. When the time is right then you can add the Party back into the mix.

The more Parties you book the less disappointing an occasional cancellation will be. The key is not to take them personally or over react.  They are part of the business and learning to handle them well will make you all the stronger as a Miche Rep.

All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada