Selling Tip - May 23rd, 2019

Selling tips with hand full of cash

Are you doing all that you can to ensure a successful business? These tips will get you started on the right path.

  • Do you have the right products to attract the most customers? Think not only of what you would want as a customer but what would most women want. You may love that bold and loud shells but might not appeal to everyone. A black shell is a must. Many first time buyers might be overwhelmed by the concept and stay in their comfort zone.  Most women tend to gravitate to the black and neutral toned shells.
  • Are you always ready to sell Miche at any moment? You could meet potential customers at the grocery store, doctor’s office or at the school play. Always have a handful of business cards or brochures on you. As much as your Miche will let you hold!  Getting creative with your advertising material adds a personal touch that customers really appreciate. Whether it’s personalized pens or notepads, there are lots of options out there and many can be made from your own home!
  • Are you taking advantage of all the free advertising opportunities? Do you have your own Facebook page dedicated to your business? It is a great way to share what you’re offering with your friends and family and in turn they share with their friends and families. Facebook is a great way to start as no fee is involved and is relatively simple.
  • Switch up the shells with different accessories. At Miche we offer many different shells with many different accessories. Whether it is different coloured carabiners or different styled straps and handles. Try mixing and matching. You never know what combination will make a shell pop and capture a potential customer’s eye. Keep an eye on our Miche Match-Up for different combinations.
  • Are you a walking and breathing Miche dictionary? Do you dream of Miche names and SKU numbers? Know what you are selling therefore know your product. Customers really appreciate a Rep who is fully knowledgeable, it shows them that you truly love and enjoy Miche. If you know your product through and through, you can best assist them in choosing the perfect shell for them with the perfect combination of carabiners and handles. Always keep up to date with the latest MOF and Lookbooks.
  • Are you providing a warm atmosphere? The best thing to do in a Home Party Business is to have it feel like a home and be welcoming. Women who attend home parties are looking for the personal connection. Make it feel like a simple girl’s night and have fun. Your costumers will find the night more fun and enjoyable and be more inclined to spend money.  
  • Are the shells being shown the way they should be? When you go to a store everything is all laid out and spread out in front of you. You never have to go searching for things. The same should be said about your set up. Have everything laid out and set up for maximum exposure. Lay it out on a table that’s been covered by a neutral coloured sheet. This will make the shells pop. Hang some shells on a coat rack or down the banister or on the mantel. Try to display the products as much away from the entrance as possible. The women will be able to come in and mingle which will make for a relaxing environment.  
  • Who doesn’t love a gift? Children love getting their loot bags at the end of a birthday party and we enjoy it just as much. Whether it’s a purse hanger, a charmer or even a pen, we enjoy the gift and appreciate the thought. Try adding a personal touch. Do you have a creative side? You could either make or create a special something to include. There are lots of different promo items available to you, check them out!
  • What else can you offer them? You have your own Miche business therefore you can offer your own specials and discounts. They can attract many more customers. Try offering a stamp card, with every purchase above a specified amount gets a stamp and after 10, 15 or 20 they either get a discount or free item. We all love reaching a goal and getting rewarded. Why not offer gift certificates, special seasonal discounts or giveaways. The sky is the limit on what you can offer to make your company stand out above the rest. This may not be the option for everyone but many have found it beneficial in the long run.
  • Offer Offer Offer! Many women are new to Miche and aren’t familiar with everything Miche has to offer. Think of the famous McDonald’s phrase “would you like fries with that?” It works for Miche too! Try “Would you like to add matching handles?” or “how about a wallet to go with that new purse?” It will also help if you let them know what others have purchased in the past. Amazon upsell their products by cross-promoting it with others. “Other customers also purchased ___.” It’ll open up new doors for your customers and yourself.
  • You’ve had your party and sold your products, now what? Don’t stop there. Always keep the lines of communication open. Follow-up with all your past and present customers. Ask them how they like their product; do they have questions or concerns? They may not purchase again after a month but maybe 6 months down the road. By staying in contact with them they will stay in contact with you. A personal touch goes a long way. Your customers will appreciate being looked after well after making their purchase. 

Putting a little extra time and a little extra thought will really go a long way. What make’s customers come back is not only the product but the personal connection they form with you. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try new things. You'll learn to adjust certain aspects to best suit you and your customers.

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