Linda Says - May 23rd, 2019


Linda is preparing for her next new adventure to Croatia and England, so today it is "Brenda says".  I have been out of the office since last December having issues with my left knee.  But I always keep up to date on MICHE.  I look to see who is having a party, hosting an event and having on-line parties.  Wonderful to see that some of our long time Miche reps are still active in the program;

Susan Hugston- Banack(AB), Donna Veltman (ON), Leah Mitchell (On),  Erna Woynarski (SK) and Wanda Lawson (ON).  Of course Barbara McKinnon (SK) and Kimberley Latvala (AB).

We reach out to our newer reps Suzanne Gallagher(ON), Christinne Binette (QC), Donna Coleman (BC), Judy Desroches  (PEI), Joanne Horan-Faucher(QC), Marie Forysth(QC), Joanne Bradford (ON), Teralea Purdy (BC), Ann Stabler(ON) and Martine Boule(QC).

Kudos to all of you for Keeping Miche Canada strong. 

Love the June releases and the time of the year.  Stars and Stripes remind me of summers gone by.  Keep the faith.

For anyone who are always looking to spot Miche on TV - Dr POL the Vet - I have spotted many Miche shells on this TV show.  Let me know of any other TV shows where I can spot Miche!

Enjoy the Summer and keep the faith

Brenda Glazier

PS For the first rep that reads this article, please email me and I will make sure there is a little extra something something in your party order.