Linda Says - April 25th, 2019


Classic Shells on leaflet

We at Miche will continue to Release new designs and timeless designs each month.  Many of the items you see on the current master order form are Miche Canadian/European originals and/or never before released items in Canada.  Why do we offer a mix of both new and original designs?  Because that is what the public wants and demands from us.  We do not listen to the negativity that seeps through the industry from one company to the other but to our customers.   Recently on Miche Facebook we posted a picture of the current Classic Shells available and asked, "what would you like to carry for Spring?"  -see below a sample of customer answers.   Women want original we provide it along with new designs. 

And we have plenty of new designs to come :)  We are thrilled to announce we will have a second fashion Release in May of a new Miche Classic and Petite soon as they arrive.  Did you see the sneak peak..?

We are on an Miche adventure with you.

Thanks for being a Miche Rep.

Below..Is a few of the comments we recieved on facebook from your customers.


"Alberta and Jasmine (And neither one are in my collection as of yet) - Karen Evershed

Foxtail and Jay are equal to me" - Jackie Twombly

"Connie" - EJ Rec

"Lordes" - Sarah Edmunds

"Colton" - Sherri Hubley

"Jennica" - Gail Dalton

"Leila, Jasmine and Jay. Sorry, couldn’t pick just one." - Sherry Andrews

"Sorbet and Hilton I don’t have them in my collection" - Pam DesRoches

"I would like to add Carlie and Alberta to my collection ☺" - Mary Chiasson



CEO, Miche Canada