April Releases - March 27th, 2019


April 2019 Releases -  Sweet glorious Spring, when the days gets longer and the fashion blossoms. Exprience the bold "cow" print Kendall Jenner is raving about, Feel Spring time in Paris with Miche's Versaille Luxe Shells or deepen the pink and express your feminine nature.  Now is the time to pick up a big bag Shell with a twist of natural beauty.  Pockettes are back! Press the "read more" to see more...

Shout out to Classic Harper - Moo-ve over leopard, python and mock croc because fashion's favourite family of prints is swapping wildlife for the farm life with bold colourful prints.  Kendall Jenner and other A listers are having their nails done to follow this trend see link . 

Black Pockettes- are back!  This lacy version of undies for Miche turns every Shell into a Shell that has side pockets. 

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Classic Cori Pink Classic Harper Demi Versailles Luxe Prima Lauren Prima Vanessa
MB1038 MB1196 MB3253 MB7515 MB7532
Prima Versailles Luxe Petite Anjali Petite Mekenna Black Pockette Memory Wallet
MB7671 MB5133 MB5134 MB9601 MB9159

Our April Releases will be made available April 1st.

Lookbooks will be available once released.