Miche Closet - Spring Arrivals 2019


Spring Fashions have arrived at Miche and are available for sale now.  See and Share the Product Announcements.  Many of your favourite Petites are now $15, Classic $25, Demi and Primas $40 and a few now include extras which makes them Luxe. 

Product Announcement - Classic & Petite | Demi | Prima & Accessories
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Issuu - Classic & Petite | Demi | Prima & Accessories

Updated Master order Form-

Just like our own closets at home, we will be packing away our fall/winter Shells and fashion to make way for our spring  fashions. Here at Miche Canada, we will be putting away (temporarily) our fall and winter Miche Shells and Accessories. It allows us to be on track for the upcoming fashion season. This will bring a new life to all of our Miche items and help to keep your demonstrating kits to a manageable level.

New to Miche, first time with the closet switch?  Don't panic.  These Shells and Accessories haven't Retired. They will be back in the Fall.  You can Sell your demos, use as promos or store them away for the next season like us.   Want the Spring Shells?  All Miche Reps who have joined us since Sept will be sent a very special email offer so that you may receive a collection of the Spring Shells at an affordable price to kick start your spring sales. Give Rachel a call 1 866 228 6173 for more info

Time to pack away these Fall/Winter Shells and Accessories.  If a Shell is not shown below but is on our current mof it means it will continue to be available for sale in the spring.


  Notify your customers about our changing closets. If they are looking at these Shells, make sure they get them soon. If not, there is always next year.


Time to unpack the Spring/Summer Shells and Accessories: New to Miche? Here's a sneak peak. Prepare to be wowed, we will be sharing more information about these items as they are introduced into the system.


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