March Releases - February 15th, 2019


March 2019 Releases -  "Her style is sleek, polished, and gorgeous,” they will say as the White collection mixes glamour and strength in fashion. “Beautiful inside and out" they will observe when you carry a fun Purple Hope Shell as your Miche. Hope pass it forward... see how... Press the "read more" to see more...

Just in time for Easter, Catch the spirit of Hope - The Purple Hope Shells are being offered with a substantial discount to you,  so that you may have a little extra in your pocket to pass forward. Hope is about formal charities, (Miche Canada Hope program has donated over $100, 000 to Canadian charities, including Childhood Cancer Canada) and Hope is about charity at home as well.  If you have a little extra in your Miche bag it is nice to pass it on as a gift, a tip or a thank you. 

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Classic Leila Classic Hope Purple Demi Anndrea Fashion Plus Demi Hope Purple  
MB1138 MB1193 MB3162 MB3118  
Prima Angie Fashion Plus Prima Hope Purple Petite Lulu Petite Hope Purple Petite Skylar
MB7596 MB7579 MB5101 MB5137 MB5141
Penny Tote Skylar Coin Purse Lilac Snake Coin Purse Lilac Snake Wallet  
MB9220 MB9257 MB9264 MB9138  

Our March Releases will be made available March 4th at 2:30pm.

Lookbooks will be available once released.

purple hope group shot with prices


"Reaching our goal of $100,000 is awe inspiring, our Hope program is a talisman to me, a symbol of our gratitude for life and our wish to continue this amazing Miche journey.  Our Hope Collection is both a great source of pride and an honour for my husband and I to support. What originally started as a one-month event in 2007 has developed into a way of thinking and a fundamental part of our organization. Our Hope Shells mean so much to so many different people. Over the years, Hope Shell designs have been beautiful, fun, inspiring, moving, bold, childlike, defiant, radiant and sweet. Hope Shells, whatever the design, speak volumes for the women who carry them. Many women have challenges to face in their life or want to show their support of the challenges in the lives of loved ones. A Hope Shell is a way of sharing your own story. You can literally carrying your heart in your hand. For the very lucky among us, the Miche Hope Collection becomes a talisman, a symbol of gratitude for the life we have."

Linda W. (CEO of Miche Canada)