Linda Says - February 15th, 2019


Ugh the shipping costs went up last month (no one likes that, me included) but hurrah for Miche as to offset the shipping the price of many our Classic Shells and Accessories have come down.  And now we have given you more ways to spread the Miche love,  take a look at your Miche site, many of the Promo item prices have been reduced, some have been cut in half.  That's terrific as there are so many cute affordable items that customers would love to purchase or receive as gifts. Like #6167 Miche Classic base business card Holder $5, 6167 Place Holders for your next business meeting set of 4 $10, bag shaped paper clips 6179 3 for $10...take a look, there is lots to choose from. 

You can even order as many glass coasters or metal Picture Frames as you like FOR FREE (just pay shipping).  Have a fund raising project, day care, school  or group in need of a craft project or fundraiser?  Have a event..hand them out free with your business card inside. Let us help make you a hero.

Speaking of heros, everyone can be one this month.  Either with our Special (you can be a hero by getting and giving as a gift the Free Kasi Hip Bag) A little stripe of the green for the Irish in us all! or throw a little extra cash around when you save with the Purple Hope collection.  For the first time we are offering Shells at a discount when Released so that you can have more to give.

Spring, Spring Spring...I am so ready for it....bring on the Spring colours and Shells.  Let's get happy.

See you on the Rep group.


CEO, Miche Canada