Miche Prestige - *December* - January 24th, 2019

prestigeJoining, earning, building, succeeding, we salute you! read who and how.

New Reps

Please welcome the newest members of the Miche Family!

Chris Downing

party animals banner

The place to take pride in being a PARTY ANIMAL!


2 Parties – Barbara McKinnon (SK), Kimberley Latvala (AB), Bev Knorr (SK)

$1000 plus parties banner

When you have a large Miche Party, we want to hear your story! Amazing work ! 

Shoot for the stars...when you have a really big Miche Party ($2,000+), we will sweeten your success by offering you and your Hostess an exclusive Miche Shell.

Barbara  McKinnon x 2