Linda Says - January 24th, 2019


This is a very exciting month as we have finally made our last payment regarding the IP. Trademarks and Copy Rights to Miche Europe for the complete control of Miche Canada.  Like with your own mortgage you always think of your place being your own but you can imagine how empowering  it really feels when that final payment is made.

We have come a long way baby - In 2009, when considering the Home Party concept,  I was looking at this really cool bag with covers that changed and thinking hmm would other women appreciate this concept as much as I do.  I was a busy mom, no time to dump everything from one bag to the next, never wanted to risk leaving something fashion is at our finger tips, everything in my bag has a place and there is a place for everything.  Going out, I can stay on top of fashion and always have a "put together look."

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the last 10 years than with the introduction of the Berri Shells. So happy to be able to offer this unique Canadian/European design collaboration in all 4 sizes of Miche.  Long time, Prima and Petite collectors will be especially thrilled to see what we have to offer.  You will find that the Berri Shells work well with all our black handle options which bring out the dark wine of the Berry colour in the designs and yet match equally well with the cream folded handles you may have received last summer with our Fashion Plus collections, also we now have cream braided handles which allow you to easily transition to spring/summer.  Each Berri Shell comes with a matching accessory which will complete your outfit with style.

Longer replacement handles...I know you have been asking for them and now they are here.  Shoulder handles 29 inch..perfect for keeping our bags hands free when wearing our big bulky winter coats.

As exciting as the Berri Shells are we are already working ahead on the next designs.  We are getting bolder with our colour combination, more daring with our designs and adding just the right amount of bling to keep Miche exciting.  This year is going to bring a lot of change, we will see many of our original designs retiring and not coming back, that's okay because we are embracing the future and moving forward with you and the New Miche.


CEO, Miche Canada