Linda Says - November 21, 2018


As you may know I am away...somewhere with my husband, hopefully having the time of my life.   I may have posted a few photos of the trip in the Miche rep group not sure as I am writing this to you in advance, just in case we do not have access to reliable outer Mongolia or where ever he has taken me. LOL- he has kept it a big secret but wherever I am, I am sure I am having a wonderful adventure.

DECEMBER SHELLS - Before I left Canada I went shopping for Christmas and while visiting the malls I was thrilled to see (and purchase) brown pants and leggings.  The stores have been full of brown shoes and boots, coats and sweaters so I knew our December Shells would be in demand but I have not been able to find a pair of brown pants for years...anyway I have now in Cleo/Ricki's and look forward to pairing it up with our new brown Shells.  I hope you and your customers enjoy them too.

DECEMBER INSIDERS SPECIALS - have you been enjoying them?  There really is advantages to being a Miche Rep.  Just because I am away doesn't mean they will end...turn on your notifications for the Miche Rep group as there will be more to come.

JANUARY - Oh you are going to like this!  Miche is going to knock your socks off..or should I say Shell off ;) with our January Releases and this time the Releases will be coming all month long..yes that's right!  We will have the official Release at the beginning of the month and then continue to add new designs to your Miche web site all month long.  This will be an Insiders Special BUT it will be for YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS.  We have developed it to help you drive the "hard to please", "looking for the hard to find", "the one of a kind" , "limited amount" Miche collector to your personal Miche Web site.  As these items go up for sale we will announce them on Facebook, (there will not be Product Announcements, nor will they be included in lookbooks or listed for sale on the Public Miche website). These select Miche items will be flash sales on Rep websites only  and sure to drive your clients and new customers to your site and sell quickly.  Word to the wise - Purchase for your private collection or as a cash and carry but not as a sample for future orders.

EUROPEAN/CANADIAN RELEASE - keep in touch with Miche in the new year as Miche will be introducing our new Spring Collection in January a complete set of European/Canadian designs in all 4 sizes. We can not wait to share them with you.

From where I am to where you are, I send my love and warm wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and Merry Christmas.

See you in the Miche Rep group.


CEO, Miche Canada