Linda Says - October 24, 2018


Today is our wedding anniversary, my husband Stephen and I have been married 32 years. We live together, raise children together and work together.  Our life has been an adventure and a partnership...except when it comes to Miche.  Miche quite frankly is my personal passion.

First about the continues.  For our anniversary we are going on a month long trip in November/December.  Where?  I do not know.  This trip will be a complete surprise to me on a daily bases as my husband has been secretly planning it for two years and has not given me one hint.  I know it will be exotic, exciting and have multiple destinations...other than that he is keeping it secret. (he took me once before on a similar surprise trip and we went to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti , Bora Bora and Fiji , so although I do not know where we are going this time I know it will be a wonderful surprise.)  I will of course be bringing my Miche along so expect some wonderful photos from exotic locals.

I love to travel but I will be back as I (oddly enough) also love to work.  Very pleased this month to be able to continue to offer you the $40 Prima Shells, love the Releases and November Special will be a big hit.  We have some great Insider Specials coming up this month (low quantity offers only for Reps) that I think will tickle you pink.  Do take a peak at the Jenny Necklace and Earring Set that has been added to your web's darling and it could be yours for free. 

Have a great month and come visit with me on the Miche Rep group.


CEO, Miche Canada