Linda Says - September 27, 2018


Oh fall is really in the air now, it is prime direct sell season because it is the time of year people tend to naturally want to get together and start thinking of gifts for themselves and others.  We have something for everyone this month.  I really like our Special as it allows the person who just wants to buy that one Prima Shell for themselves or someone else to get it at a really affordable price $40 and it allows someone who is doing a bit of Miche shopping to save big time with either a Prima purchase for $24 or a wonderful gift at 40% off. a

Our Hostesses will be spoiled and we have something for everyone, the uptown  Luxe Tablet case is a dream and the down to earth Feliz scarf set is our winter reality. (cozy, fun and warm)

Shells, Shells, Shells we have so many to choose from with the return of our fall closet collection and the introduction of our October's  Pewter and Blue Release.  Great neutrals with plenty of purse-sonality that are sure to please.  A big shout out to Miche Rep Barbara Mckinnon, SK  who sold the most Miche between Sept 1-26 and won the original proto-type Jenny shell.  We are looking forward to seeing some photos from Barbara of the Jenny Shell as she will have the only one available until October 15th when the shipment is arriving.  We would also like to give a shout out to Teralea Purdy, BC, Lori Gagnon (MB) and Ann Stabler ON, who were in the running for the Shell until the last moments.  It's great to see the Miche passion being shared across Canada and around the world.

Passion and hard work is something we like to reward every step of the way so it is with great pleasure we announce our new Sun and Fun Trip and prize package.  With Miche everyone is a winner.

Unlike Costco we could not bear to bring out our Christmas merchandise in July but soon it will be time, after all we need to put it out so that you can get a sample and share and show it to your clients.  Our line up of Christmas themed Shells will be Released the second week in October but you can get a sneak peak at them now on the leaflet.

Have a great week, see you in the Rep group,


CEO, Miche Canada