Linda Says - August 23, 2018



Summer over..say it isn't so!  I love summer. Hope yours was relaxing and fun and if you are like me you are now getting pumped up for the fall.  Cool nights, fall harvest, back to school, fall fairs, hiking and of course fall fashion.

We are ready.  We have been working all summer to get this timing right and by-jove I think we have done it.  Not only can we offer the colours of fall for September, we have added in extra value and a great Special too! Make it work for you as you will want to bring home your own Hostess Rewards.

It seem no sooner do we Release this month's Shells then someone is asking what's next? lol :) You keep selling, (not just talking and we will keep bringing you the fashion that you with us darling, we are in this together) Want to know what's next...I'll tell you what, I will make you an offer:  The Miche Rep that sells the most between September 1- 26 will be celebrated in the Pulse on the 27th along with our new European Designs for October and that Rep will receive in advance of sales and Release date the NEW Shell of her choice.  It is going to be an exciting fall.  Don't just roll into into make it happen for you.

Think big picture (hey I know you do- you are reading the Linda says :) and that means you know last year September Sales counted towards the Miche Trip...and all the other prizes.  HINT..hint..

All the best,


CEO, Miche Canada