Linda Says - July 19, 2018



So how is your summer going?  Hopefully you have been enjoying some good weather and spending time with friends...I know you have been working hard too! Me too, there is always work to do.  Lucky for me my work is fun.  I did travel out west with my son Adam in the Miche truck to the Stampede in Calgary.  We had a marvelous adventure and good quality time which is something you do not get a lot of with a grown son so I appreciate the opportunity.

Calgary stampede
Then it we had our Calgary Miche Meet Up: Kimberley, Connie, Amanda, Samantha, Loreen,  Orlene and I.  Love this diverse, fun group of women and so proud they continue to support and share my passion for Miche.  I so badly wanted to show them some of the new designs we have for Fall and Spring but I know the power of the release is everything and I did not want to show and tell yet.  I did however find a way to kind of do it, tee hee, I brought with me some of the new design proto-types.  The Shells that made it to the concept stage but were rejected for one reason or another.  it was great fun to share the inside workings of Miche with women I trust, women who believe in Miche and are excited about the future of this company.

After the  Miche Meet Up these women took their positive energy and headed off to the Stampede where they were joined by Miche Rep Dawna and with Senior Rep Kimberley managed the Miche corporate display during the Calgary Stampede. As Miche Ambassadors they spread the Miche love (never fails to amaze us how many women have still never heard of Miche) all while earning great free Shells for themselves.  They are the best.

eNow we look toward August and the long lazy days of summer and some fashion fun.  Every time we post on Miche Public facebook, "what design do you want? " we read, "Camo" "Camo"  We aim to please, so this month camo it is, it's in fashion fun and it's right on trend for fall.  See what the Designer Mar Jacobs and Michael Kors are saying about camo  for fall And we want to thank the women who are supporting our Miche Reps this summer so we have offered a really sweet deal, Spend $60 and receive a free gift.  Free for Back to School or Back to Work. Take advantage.

We will have all the latest fashions and rare treasure Shells too at the Toronto CNE Fair make a point of stopping in and visiting if you can.  If you have other plans this summer enjoy but do stay in touch as we have lots of new Shells to introduce this Fall and exciting developments in our program to announce.  Share your passion now and reap the rewards in the Fall.

Have a great summer.

All the best,


CEO, Miche Canada