Linda Says - December 22, 2016

Linda Says


LindaHave you ever met up with a dear friend and when she asks you how things have been going, you have so much to tell her :) and are so excited and overcome with emotion but you freeze and simply say, "good. How are you?"

That is what has been happening with you and I, my Miche friend.  I have so much good news to share but have not had the time or the ability to do so.

As many as you know my husband took me on a surprise 30th anniversary vacation to the South Pacific. We explored Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti and Bora Bora. It was a magic carpet ride and created memories that will last a life time. What you may not know about the trip is that I was working as well (best job ever!) 

LindaStephen and I,  visited with the Miche Australian team which is headed by Norma Rosenhain (entrepreneur, philanthropist, she owns the company that creates, manufactures and distributes all the McDonald’s toys in the world - wow!) Norma is an amazing woman and her values and goals are aligned with ours at Miche Canada. 

She is a brand builder, a fashion diva and a creator of empires.  She has given Miche Canada not only her blessings but has offered us full use of her considerable resources; designers, factories, linguists, material buyers etc. All of which you will see the results of moving forward. In fact you do not have to wait long, while we were there we made an incredible purchase of spring stock from Australia's Miche reserves.

Expect to be delighted with the fashions we release in 2017. In the South Pacific it is already Spring and the Spring fashions have arrived at Prada, Channel, Gucci and Fendi. We visited with sellers and buyers and talked colours, designs and fashion trends.  We saw the fashion future... and are happy to be bringing those designs to Canada with us. I know you want a peak so in January we will be having a draw for one of our new proto-type designs. How do you enter? You just have to have a party (just one that's all it takes) I will post the photo in the rep group in the New Year :)

Linda2016 gave us many challenges, Miche USA closed and we were/are the victim of misinformation by other Home Party companies which wanted to see us gone and swallow up our Reps and Customers. But with your support the challenges became great opportunities; we were able to not only survive without the USA's lead but form new and more productive aliances with Miche Europe and Miche Australia. Now without the former parent company, we are free to create the fashion and Home Party system of our dreams.

Linda2017 is going to be a wonderful year at Miche. We have started it by releasing a Shell collection we think will be the perfect transition between Winter and Spring and offering a special that is affordable for your customers who have been sitting on the fence in 2016 regarding purchasing or jumping to a new size. To sweeten the pot the Hostess Special and booking incentives are amazing (I will post images in the Rep group as the images do not do them justice.) Put all that together, with our Proto-type draw and the prizes you are earning as you work towards the trip and January is going to rock for you. (if you work to share your passion) 

From me and everyone at Miche Canada we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. You are us and without you we would not be. We will work very hard to reward you and celebrate your Miche business and we thank you.


All the best,

Linda Westwell

CEO, Miche Canada