Linda Says - June 28, 2018



Sweet, glorious summer is upon us.  My favourite time of year. Time to let loose, go to the cottage, visit with friends, catch up with family, take a day trip and go on an adventure.  This year I am going on an little adventure.  Crazy as it seems, here I am holding a business class ticket to Calgary for the Stampede and our Miche Meetup and I have just tossed it away for the opportunity to head out on the highway in a cargo truck laden with Miche stock.  The truck is being driven by my son Adam who recently joined our business and is making his first trip out west at the same age I made my first trip out 34 years ago.  I kept saying to Adam what a great adventure it is and how he should see this, and should see that and what an amazing country Canada is and how lucky he was to have the opportunity to drive across it. I guess I said it one too many times and like the good sales person I am...I sold me. lol  So tomorrow, I am heading out on the highway.  I hope this summer you too have your own little adventure and if your lucky, it too will involve family (and you...and I will survive Adam says, "we aren't there yet ;)"

To give you a little hint into the future, August Shells are the #1 requested design across N. America and  fall's Shells will be a delight to our long time Miche Reps and new customers alike. (you know what that means :)

Along the way this summer, I hope you are carrying and loving your Miche Bags & Shells, we think the Alicia Collection is a fun addition for summer. We always have great Specials in the Summer to keep the orders flowing and July's White Shells being on sale is a first.  I will add an Insider Miche Rep Special for you so keep an eye on the Pulse. Enjoy the summer and if you are coming to the Calgary Meetup..See you soon.

All the best,


CEO, Miche Canada