Linda Says - May 24, 2018


What a week, just back from the Dominican Republic (Miche Reps Kimberley and Barbara are still there, lucky ladies), racing to get ready for the big Open House Sale this Saturday and of course it's Pulse day so always last minute details to attend to. 

I would tell you that I would prefer peace and quiet but I know the minute I have it I get bored and restless and create a little hoopla. I imagine you must be kind of like me too, after all, the Home Party Business is controlled chaos. You could just be home sitting on the couch but you choose to stretch yourself, get social, learn new computer skills, talk to strangers and work outside of your comfort zone (sometimes a little and sometimes a lot). That's the place where people like you and I grow. So even on days like this, when I am slightly shaky as a deadline is approaching, I try to remember this is what I do for fun.

And fun it is! Did you see this month's Release. I am a big blue fan, I love the Brecken Collection. Lots of bold prints in tops, pants and dresses so it is nice to have a few solid colours in Miche Shells, white, black or blue, you will be happy with your pick. This month I will add a little something something to the Master Order Form but I will announce it in the Rep Group when I do, how about I just say, "I have something special for my Miche friends to take a look at"  you will know that is your code to take a peek at your site.

I will see you on the Rep Group shortly as the Charity Auction is about to begin.

Have a great month my Miche friend.


CEO, Miche Canada