Miche Prestige - *April* - May 24, 2018

prestigeJoining, earning, building, succeeding, we salute you! read who and how.


Our Miche Team builders know that developing new Representatives can be the key to earning life changing income...

These Independent Miche Representatives received $100 bonuses because the women they introduced to Miche Canada had their first Party! Thanks for sharing your love for Miche and building your team. Way to go ladies, your future looks bright! Guide your new Miche Rep and build your futures by helping her achieve the "Quick Start Program"!

Kimberley Latvala(AB)

Sharon Stang (SK)

New Reps

Please welcome the newest members of the Miche Family!

Dany Poirier QC
Marie LeBlanc AB
Deanna Johnston AB
Samantha Symons BC
Lucy Homen ON
Ann Stabler ON
Robin Herrell BC


The place to take pride in being a PARTY ANIMAL!


4 Parties Susanne Gallagher(ON)

3 Parties Judy Desroches (PEI)

2 Parties Teralea Purdy(BC), Johanne Horan Faucher (QC), Samantha Symons (BC), Bev Knorr (SK), Christiane Binnette(QC)

1000 parties

When you have a large Miche Party, we want to hear your story! Amazing work ! 

Shoot for the stars...when you have a really big Miche Party ($2,000+), we will sweeten your success by offering you and your Hostess an exclusive Miche Shell.

Joanne Dykstra(ON)
Christianne Binette (QC)
Bev Knorr (SK)