Linda Says - April 26, 2018


Are you a Royal Watcher?

I know, I am.

I can't help help it. I admire the Queen after all these years staying strong and unbelievably out riding a horse on the day her new grandson was born. Everyone loves a baby and I am eager to learn the name of the new little guy, whatever it is, it will become popular. The big wedding is coming up, will you be watching? And of course we have Victoria Day too! So much Royal excitement, let's celebrate with a Miche Royal Shell Contest. That's right we have limited edition Royal Shells available to be won (not for sale) and we will be posting a contest on Facebook soon so if you are a Royal watcher like myself stay tuned.

Congratulations to everyone who earned points and prizes towards the trip and this month a special big shout out goes to Barbara McKinnon from Sask. who earned the trip this month. We have all had a long winter and the trip is well deserved Barbara. Your hard work and dedication once again has paid off.

We at Miche think contests are a lot of fun and we look forward to sharing the detail of our next one, be ready.

Did you enjoy the extra surprises we added to your website on April 16th. If you missed it we added some Insider Special Items. (Not for the public, limited quantities.) Little sweet "something, somethings" just for reading the Pulse and being a Rep. Two of the three items sold out quickly, the third item may have gone unnoticed by many, it's a darling set of 6 Miche-shaped Wine Charmers, perfect for keeping track of who's drink is who's. (MB6196 $10)

Perhaps that would be something to pick up for a special woman in your life in light of Mother's Day (lots of women play that role in one way or another in our life and the day is a nice occasion to thank them for their mentorship) or maybe you have you eye on one of this month's new releases. Wonderful selection of Shells that are perfect additions to any wardrobe and the Special as always just makes it that much more tempting a deal.

This month I will be getting ready for the Miche Warehouse Sale on May 26th (COME!) and I bet I can find something interesting to add to your website for the Insider Special. How about we plan for the 9th, suspect a pop up on your shop page that day and a great deal.

Have a wonderful month Miche family and Happy Mother's Day to you all. (Kids or no kids - as a woman you have made a difference in another persons life and you are appreciated.)


CEO, Miche Canada