Miche Prestige - *March* - April 26, 2018


Joining, earning, building, succeeding, we salute you! read who and how.


The Miche Spotlight shines bright on two very successful Miche Reps from Ontario, Donna and Suzanne who joined Miche years apart but seem to have the same winning formula. Great attitude with a willingness to get out and do Parties and Events which keeps their customer base fresh and their sales strong. We are proud of you.

Donna Veltman, On.

sOne of my co-workers brought in the Miche Bag to work. I loved the concept as I love to match my purse to my outfit.  I ordered the Classic Bag. She decided to sell Miche, so I had a party to help her out. She was late for the party, but I had all the bags and shells at my place beforehand.  As we waited for her to show up, I explained the concept and showed the shells to my friends. By the time she showed up, I already had written up all the orders.  I her all the orders once she arrived. After she left, my girlfriends turned to me and said why don't you sell.  You would be good at it. I had done other home base businesses before.I thought about it, and decided that I wanted to sell.  I have been selling for almost 8 1/2 years, and have never looked back.  It was a great decision. I attend approximately 6 to 10 events a year. I only do a few shows, but I always ask everyone to have a party.  Most of the ladies that I have met prefer to come with their friends to my place to shop. I used to carry a lot of stock but I'm trying to cut back – keep things fresh and new. I have a wonderful support person Larry who goes to my events and helps set-up.  He also helps with deliveries. Part of my success is because of my continuing enthusiasm for the products.  I enjoy helping ladies select the purse and shells that best suit their needs.

Suzanne Gallagher, On.

jThis is an honour that you are interested in my business. I found out about Miche in May 2017, at a home show in Haliburton Ontario. Linda was the rep at that show. I was so impressed with the bag and its concept and absolutely wanted a piece of that pie. I did not know Linda Westwell was the CEO of the company until I researched Miche once I arrived at my hotel room. Well I thought she was so down to earth and new if the head of a company was cool so should the business. I joined in June 2017 and have not looked back since. I do about 52 events a year. I've only done 8 home shows so far. I try to keep as much stock as I can because most women want to take home their products. I love this business and products and I love being out with lovely women. I suppose my secret to success is my love of the product and people.


Top Earners had $4,000  Home Party Sales and earned $800 or more in the last commission period and $500+ in free Miche samples. WOW - Top Earners will also receive an additional Shell of their choosing!  We salute:


Barbara McKinnon (SK)


Our Miche Team builders know that developing new Representatives can be the key to earning life changing income...

These Independent Miche Representatives received $100 bonuses because the women they introduced to Miche Canada had their first Party! Thanks for sharing your love for Miche and building your team. Way to go ladies, your future looks bright! Guide your new Miche Rep and build your futures by helping her achieve the "Quick Start Program"!

Lorna Arsenault (PE)

Teralea Purdy (BC)


The place to take pride in being a PARTY ANIMAL!


4 Parties Barbara McKinnon (SK)

3 Parties Kimberley Latvala (AB), Suzanne Gallagher (ON)

2 Parties Taffy Ennis (AB), Jenny Pullen (BC), Bev Knorr (SK)

1000 parties

When you have a large Miche Party, we want to hear your story! Amazing work ! 

Shoot for the stars...when you have a really big Miche Party ($2,000+), we will sweeten your success by offering you and your Hostess an exclusive Miche Shell.

Kimberley Latvala (AB)