Updates & Reminders - April 26, 2018


Base Bag TOB, Holidays, Warehouse sale, Customer Service, Policy & Procedures... READ MORE

Tired Old Bag Special has ended please send in pieces. Base Bags are $50, kit pricing is the best deal at $75-$120 including Shells.

Just a reminder that we limit one base bag, per size, per order, per customer shipping charge. 

Additional bases may be purchased by adding an additional order with shipping charges.

Customer Service

Customer Service/Quality Assurance-  all Miche products have a no questions asked 90 day warranty against defects (eg: zippers, seams, materials) but did you know we offer more? 

As a Miche Rep you are the ombudsman for your Miche customers and after the 90 day period and up until a year after purchase, if there is an issue with any Miche item you may contact us directly and we will address your concern on an individual basis. Always keep your receipts on hand for proof of purchase/sale. Contact moira@michebag.ca for more info.


Please review attached link which is part of the Miche Rep Agreement and can be found in the Pulse Resources. If you have a question or a concern or would like to report an issue.

The annual Miche Warehouse Sale (open to the public) is Saturday May 26, 2018. The only time of the year we allow the fans of Miche in our warehouse to peruse our sought after Treasure shells, our deeply discounted shells, the Miche 3 for 1 exchange at the deeply discounted table and so much more. This year we are doing it a little different as both Rep with guests and the public will all be allowed in at once, Miche mayhem packed into 3 hours! I love it - my favorite day of the year!  Contact Moira to confirm you and your guests as we like to keep it extra special for you! Facebook for our updates! Follow, Like, and share! on facebook


We are pleased to announce, Rachel will be assisting Moira with Account Manager Duties moving forward.  If you have not introduced yourself yet, please say hello next time you phone. She is looking forward to getting to know you.

The office will be closed Victoria Day May 21th for the long weekend.

The office will shut down the week of July 23-27, 2018 for our summer Hoopla!


System Updates

Please note that all MB Sku's that are involved in our new special formats (pay a certain amount to get certain Sku's with a 30, 40 or 50% off) will be situated on the top of the MOF as a Special item AND for Lookbook users as well. The system will print in Lookbook format all of the special items in its own report. Please refer to a post made in Facebook about the change.


Have you heard about our newest Rep Sales kit? Learn more here.

New Leaflet Available

The latest Leaflet has been updated in the Resources and can be found here.