Sales Tips & Tricks - April 26, 2018


When you can show, you can sell!

No time/money to make a Miche Lookbook? Having Wi-fi or downloading troubles at your Parties? Want to show a close up?

We've got the tip for you!

Do you have a Tablet or a Smartphone? Did you know you can take a screen capture of what you're seeing on the screen? It's a quick way to take pictures of Shells before you head off to your party or event. Each device works differently in taking the pictures so you'll need to do a bit of research and trial-and-errors to figure out exactly how your tablet/smartphone works. Ask us, your fellow Miche Reps on the rep group we will tell you and you'll see! Once you get the hang of things.. it'll be second nature!


Take a picture of each Shell/Lifestyle or a collection of them... depending on the space on your device!  Moving forward updating Shell selection is easy...just add or delete a picture.


  • Access your website and go to Shop
  • Click on each Category (Classic, Petite, etc)
  • Take a picture of the items (either together or separately - by clicking on each individual image)
  • Keep going through each Category till you've got them all!

We suggest going by Category so that the sizes are in order.


  • Access the Facebook Lookbook here
  • Start at the top and work your way down

Facebook is ideal if your customers like close-up shots of the Shell to get a good look. You will need lots of space for all those images!

You'll find all your photos in your Album/Camera Roll/Photos and you'll be able to scroll through all of them. Added Tip: Create an Miche Album within your device so that when you're passing around your tablet/phone, the ladies will be able to scroll through the Miche images only and not your personal photos ;)

This can be done directly from your website or from the lifestyle images in the Facebook Lookbook.

Now you can show and share all Miche has to offer any time, anywhere without any expense to you or need for wi-fi or data. 

Be Party-Ready in a matter of minutes and the next time someone asks,"what does __ look like up close"... just show them on your device.