Linda Says - December 22, 2016


LindaHave you ever met up with a dear friend and when she asks you how things have been going, you have so much to tell her :) and are so excited and overcome with emotion but you freeze and simply say, "good. How are you?"

That is what has been happening with you and I, my Miche friend.  I have so much good news to share but have not had the time or the ability to do so.

December 2016 Special


This time of year is full of joy, magic and holiday cheer and Miche fits in very easily. Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself or someone you love, you can believe in the magic of Miche to fill the hearts of the ones opening the gift.   

Spend $60.00 or more with a Miche Home Party Rep and you can choose 1 selected Believe in the magic of Miche Shells for FREE.

How it works

Spend $60.00 or more and get one Free Miche selected Shell. Limit one Item per order.

Miche Vacation in the Sun Trip! - November 24, 2016

As of your October 31, 2016 sales , the following reps are well on their way to earning our "Vacation in the Sun" Trip. 

Check out the prizes that we have for you! 

Envision your success as a Miche Rep

2,500 Points -  Miche Picture Frames and Coasters  - take pictures of your successful parties and use the frames and coasters to empower previous hostesses(to have more parties), put pictures on Facebook, and use the pictures in your Miche work area to help motivate yourself to having more outstanding parties.