Updates & Reminders - February 23, 2017

Petite Base Bags

Petite Base Bags are out of stock and are on order. We expect delivery in roughly 4 weeks. Once received in our warehouse, Bags will be available to be ordered and will be on the MOF. 


Tired Old Bag Program

The price of our Tired Old Bag Program is changing from $20.00 plus tax and shipping to $25.00 plus tax and shipping. Price applies to all 4 sizes of Base Bags. Price change will take affect on March 6th.


February Special - January 26, 2017


It is time to work ourselves out of our Winter hibernation and to get social! The best way to stay cozy and warm is with the ones that warm your heart! Make some warm winter cocktails and have a Miche Party! This month it's So Special, Do It Twice! You will want both of these Miche Accessories that add extra sass to your outfits and coordinate with our fabulous interchangeable Bags to complete your look.

Miche Spotlight - January 26, 2017


See who's in our "Spotlight" and was awarded the Miche Achievement Pin & Miche Recognition Purses!

We are pleased to announce that these lovely ladies will be receiving their Miche Achievement Pin with their next party order. Congratulations! 

You have been awarded the Achievement pin which is only the beginning.  Continue sponsoring new reps and earning the purse pins.  For more information click here.